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Bob Garrett’s Nature Sketches in Gallery 255

Art Exhibit at the Public Library for Union County

“What I would like you to know about my art (which to me still looks mostly like doodles) is that it’s my intention to capture a moment of nature on paper,” said Bob Garrett whose nature sketches will be on display in Gallery 255 at the Public Library for Union County throughout the month of February. Bob is the youngest member of an extended family that included his grandmother, his mother, and his two sisters who were all artists. However, Bob wanted nothing to do with art initially and instead he spent time with his father who was a Game Protector (known today as a Wildlife Conservation Officer). Nature became his passion early on and luckily, this passion has never waned. As an adult Bob had the opportunity to serve as the Graphic Arts Instructor at the SUN Technical Center in New Berlin that brought him to the Greater Susquehanna Valley. After a stint of teaching, Bob spent several decades working in Harrisburg, mostly with PennDOT. This line of work entailed enduring a lot of meetings. These interminable meetings became a blessing, of sorts, because they gave Bob the opportunity to carry along a sketch pad and some pens and spend the time sketching scenes from outdoor activity. Bob’s inspiration to make sketches comes from his own family members, for sure, and Ned Smith. Bob said that “Ned’s practice of journaling and making observations by way of sketches and field notes, created the platform on which my decade-long series of articles and sketches appear in The Daily Item are based.” A reception is scheduled for Saturday, February 18, from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm. The reception is free and open to the public. Bring the family to the reception and enjoy hot cocoa, cider and wildlife-themed cookies. By the way, Bob is always on the lookout for fresh outdoor material to write about or to even “sketch up.” If you have any ideas or outdoor tips, please drop Bob a note at

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