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Quality of Life: A Community Garden Yields Food for the Soul

A Williamsport communal garden is designed to empower the community with a place to plant, grow and harvest produce—and full of the promise of good things.

Cooking at Home: Golden Fall Butternut Squash Soup

A warm bowl of soup is always a favorite meal on a chilly fall day. The aroma fills the kitchen and warms the home.

William Woys Weaver: The Vital Role of Heirloom Seeds

The gardens cultivated by William Woys Weaver have been compared to a living museum, reflecting his focus on preservation of heirloom vegetables.

Beneficial Insects in Your Garden: How and Why?

Help your garden grow by learning how to attract beneficial insects.

How to Attract Pollinators

We depend on pollinators for our food supply. Here's information about how to attract butterflies, honeybees, bumblebees, hummingbirds and assorted moths to your garden or food crops.

How to Create a Rain Garden

A rain garden is a depression filled with native plants that protects water quality by retaining and filtering stormwater.

The Benefits of Having a Green Roof

Web Extra: The benefits of creating your own green roof.

Rain Gardens Take Root: Residents Create Rain Gardens to Improve Their Communities

With grants and elbow grease, residents create rain gardens to improve their communities.

Cooking at Home: Turnip and Potato Gratin

Heirloom recipes are the treasures of every kitchen. If you’re lucky, you’ve inherited your grandmother’s recipe box full of stained cards.

Green Roof Revolution

Green roofs help curb polluted runoff. Though more costly than other remedies, vegetation atop buildings can meet stormwater requirements and offer other benefits.


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