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Northumberland County Fair, 2015 ... "The BIGGEST little Fair in PA"

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3920 State Rt. 890
Sunbury, PA 17801

(570) 286-5131

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Founded 2000

2015 marks the 16th consecutive Annual Northumberland County Fair! It’s about bringing local families together to share the historical traditions of what originated as an agricultural community.

Come to our family-friendly fair! Opening day is August 19 3-9 PM. The fair continues daily 3-9 PM through Friday, August 21 and runs 9 Am- 9PM on Saturday, August 22, winding up with a fantastic fireworks display at 9 pm!

On display we find products of home, garden and farm. It’s not so much about the prizes and ribbons (although they’re fun too) … but about learning from each other. Just listen as you circulate through the displays and you’ll hear, “I wonder what tomato variety that big one is?” … or “How on earth did she get those stitches so perfect?” … or, “I’ll have to talk to him about the breeding of that heifer.” If you don’t learn something at the fair, you just aren’t paying attention.

Admittedly, a few neighboring county fairs can service Northumberland County but a fair unique to this county was desireable. From 4-H to the whole family was really a short step. Now the fair includes garden produce, needlework, canning, baking and agricultural exhibits of all kinds from the kids 4-h patch through Dad’s prize pumpkins.


One great family experience at this small fair. Enjoyed it more than the big, impersonal fairs!

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