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Foss Jewelers

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888 Route 522
Selinsgrove, PA 17870



Took a piece in for my son's birthday. My son has autism and this was a treasured piece for him that he bought with his own money. It was a pendant and the portion where the chain went through needed to be replaced with one of real silver. The stone was fragile but I was told they would not need to touch the stone and would create one for my son since they did not have the right one in stock. Got a call and was told they broke the stone. They did not recommend my son use it as a pendant although he has been wearing it for about a year, no issue. They offered to make a wrap of silver wire and expedite the creation process due to the situation which I would still be paying for as I would expect. Got a call today and was told the goldsmith did not want to deal with it or have any responsibility for it. While the stone was not expensive, it was my son's. IT WAS NOT BROKE UNTIL they broke it. So, now we have this stone that is broken and can no longer be worn due to the neglect. When I picked it up today, there was not a care in the world that this happened. There was no offer to even try to replace the stone for my son. I have decided that I will not take my business to them for the items of real dollar value because of the lack of respect and concern in handling this situation. VERY heartbreaking to say the least. Terrible service, respect for property, irresponsible and not trustworthy. Sorry, but people need to know what happened.

Submitted on November 16, 2016