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Prosthetic Orthotic Designs - Adam Finnieston - Prosthetics Miami

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8445 SW 132 street
Miami, FL 33133

(305) 699-9916

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Prosthetic replacements for feet, legs, arms, and hands area unit all on the market, in conjunction with prosthetic eyes, breasts, and noses for cosmetic functions. Typically, somebody begins the method of being fitted for a prosthetic device once the location of amputation has altogether well. it's going to take many tries to search out a limb which inserts and feels comfy, and coaching is needed to indicate the patient a way to use the limb properly and the way to wear it. within the case of individuals born with nonheritable defects, a prosthetic device will be fitted at any time, though replacements are going to be required because the user grows.

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robotic prosthetics specialised orthotic services prosthetic supplies orthotic therapy prosthetist and orthotist

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8445 SW 132 street Miami, Florida (305) 699-9916