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Animal Care Sanctuary: Providing a Safe & Caring Refuge for Companion Animals Since 1967

Since our inception in 1967, we have grown from a small presence in Toms River, New Jersey to a regional provider through the Northern Tier of PA.

India's Caste System Under Attack: The Dalit Movement

Although India's Constitution of 1947 abolished the practice of untouchability, the Dalits continue to experience discrimination, segregation, and violence.

How to Create a Rain Garden

A rain garden is a depression filled with native plants that protects water quality by retaining and filtering stormwater.

In The Spring - 2018 Issue

A collection of articles and web extras from the Spring 2018 issue of Susquehanna Life Magazine.

The Benefits of Having a Green Roof

Web Extra: The benefits of creating your own green roof.

In The Winter - 2017 Issue

A collection of articles and web extras from the Winter 2017 issue of Susquehanna Life Magazine.

More Unique New Year's Eve Celebrations in Central Pennsylvania

Even more More Unique New Year's Eve celebrations in Central Pennsylvania in this Web Extra.

The Health Benefits of Sprouted Grains

The body of research detailing the health beneļ¬ts of sprouted whole grains is growing daily.

8 Reasons Why You Need To Spend More Time in Nature

Spending time in nature is better not only for your soul, but for your health.

3 Finger-Licking Tailgate Recipes

Try these tailgating recipes at your next event!


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