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In the Summer 2015 Print Issue

A collection of articles from the Summer 2015 Issue of Susquehanna Life Magazine

Web Extra: The PA Downtown Center’s Main Street Four-Point Approach®

It is a common-sense way to address the variety of issues and problems that challenge traditional business districts.

Web Extra: Stony Valley Events

Explore the wilderness. We've got you covered with these opportunities.

Web Extra: More Information about French Creek

Along its 117 miles, from western New York across northwestern Pennsylvania, the river is home to more than 28 freshwater mussel species, including 13 that are listed as endangered in Pennsylvania and the federally endangered northern riffleshell and clubshell.

Around the River - Summer 2015

Your complete itinerary for this summer's action around Central Pennsylvania.

The Maker Movement: Small Market, Big Ideas

Tech Meetups, organized by Bucknell University Small Business Design Center director Steve Stumbris, provide budding “Maker” entrepreneurs with a forum to share information with each other and their prospective market, and more.

By the Book - Summer 2015

Local books for local folks. Here are our summer selections.

Cooking at Home: Triple Lemon Angel Food Cake

Every year, the Pennsylvania Farm show holds a cooking contest in several categories. This year’s winner, in the Incredible Angel Food Cake Contest, is Pam Foor, Bedford County Fair. Her light angel food cake is the perfect accompaniment to a summer meal.

The “Spark” in Danville

So often with river towns whose heydays lie in the past, the question of how to construct an identity for Danville that both honors what came before and resonates with the future is a challenge.

Explore and Connect to Natural Places

Pennsylvania residents and visitors who seek outdoor adventures can find guided activities that allow them to enjoy the outdoors, connect with others and exercise.


Weis Center for the Perfoming Arts
Geisinger Medical Center