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In the Spring 2015 Print Issue

A collection of articles from the Spring 2015 Issue of Susquehanna Life Magazine

By the Book - Spring 2015

It's another edition of the Susquehanna Life Book Club!

Smokey the Bear’s Rescue

On Jan. 30, 2014, Smokey the Bear miraculously escaped destruction by fire. The blaze, however, was not in the forest. It engulfed the Moose Exchange in Bloomsburg.

Veterans Tell Their Stories

It’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and Nina Talbot can attest to that. The Brooklyn artist worked on her “Veterans” series of paintings for a period of five years, gaining insight through interviews into the lives of 25 Americans who served in the armed forces.

The Benefits of Using

What you can look for at

WAWHO, They Exclaimed!

As Maddi Dunlap will attest, books are powerful creatures. They can inform, influence, incense, instill ideas and inspire.

Web Extra: Print Recipes From the Spring Market Faire of Kitchens Tour

Download and print these delicious instructions for your personal stash!

The Elephant in the Room

This guide consists of 96 cards, shaped like elephant footprints, divided into four categories: values and beliefs; people and places; definitions and resources; and complex care.

Web Extra: Interview with Victor Vogel, MD

More of the interview from the print issue and more information on Dr. Vogel.

Questions at the End of Life: Victor Vogel, MD

After 30 years treating cancer patients, Dr. Victor Vogel believes people can make better decisions if they are taught to ask the right questions at the end of life. Vogel’s book, Doctor, What if it were Your Mother?, guides readers on how to start that difficult conversation.


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