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Tips for Teaching Children to Swim

Hot summer days will be here soon, and there is no better place to spend them than in the pool!

Crystal Lake Ski Center History Dates Back to 1971

Some fascinating information about the earlier years of this popular ski area.

New Life for a Nonprofit

As an AmeriCorps member charged with the task of helping to revitalize a nonprofit, Sue Stackhouse reached out to the community to gather invaluable input to revitalize Crystal Lake Ski Center, a recreational community asset teetering on the brink of financial collapse. The steps taken to save the ski center could serve as a model for infusing new life into nonprofits.

Miller Center for Recreation Announced for 2017

The Millers see the wellness center as a way to fill that void and support the area’s many children’s athletics programs as well as give parents a space to focus on their own well-being.

Cumberland Valley Embraces Trend in Options & Amenities for Cyclists

Carlisle, and the surrounding Cumberland Valley, has developed into a cycling mecca over the past few years.

Outdoor Recreation - Saving Montour Preserve

For a generation, many who grew up in Montour County assumed the Montour Preserve was located on public land, and would be available for public use in perpetuity. When owner PPL announced it could no longer afford to maintain the site, the public learned the fate of the preserve was in their hands.

Battle of the Burgs is a Success!

One of the highlights of the evening was live music from Folk Justice Band! A huge thank-you to these talented musicians for giving their time and energy to help make the event a success.

Miller Center for Recreation and Wellness Names Jim Mathias Executive Director

The Miller Center for Recreation and Wellness will be located in the Penn House Commons development alongside the nine-mile Buffalo Valley Rail Trail.

Explore and Connect to Natural Places

Pennsylvania residents and visitors who seek outdoor adventures can find guided activities that allow them to enjoy the outdoors, connect with others and exercise.

Picnic in the Park Today: Everyone is Invited!

The event takes place at Soldiers Memorial Park on N Water St in Lewisburg.


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