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Grandmom Weber’s Heavy Butter Cookies & Sufganiyot

Tasty recipes for Grandmom Weber’s Heavy Butter Cookies & Sufganiyot.

3 Finger-Licking Tailgate Recipes

Try these tailgating recipes at your next event!

Cooking at Home: Blueberry-Ginger Shortcake

Imagine the sumptuous flavor of blueberries made more exotic with the addition of fresh ginger. That’s the idea behind this refreshing summertime treat that uses the abundant blueberry harvest.

Thai Shrimp with Sesame Noodles

Our family used to take a road trip to visit Gammy (my mother). We’d arrive to find Thai Shrimp with Sesame Noodles waiting for us. The dish has become synonymous with home.

Chicken Pot Pie: Is It Baked or Boiled?

The Pennsylvania Dutch are frugal, but they eat well. Most of Central Pennsylvania still enjoys scrapple, shoofly pie, sugar crackers, pickled-beet eggs, whoopee pies—and chicken pot pie.

Gluten-Free Trout in Lemon Butter Sauce

This versatile and delicious recipe is quick and easy for any thin fish or chicken. Adjust the lemon to suit your taste, or make it really special topped with crabmeat or shrimp.

Cooking at Home: Jenn K’s Salmon Salad

Jenn K’s Salmon Salad recipe is quick and easy to prepare, and delicious to eat!

Early Spring Pear-Berry Crisp

E Tu bistro's early spring pear-berry crisp served warm, with vanilla bean ice cream and caramel sauce.

Cooking at Home: Uncle Irving's French Toast

Uncle Irving’s French toast is coated with crushed corn flakes.

Cooking at Home - Garden Salsa

Gather all the extra tomatoes from your summer garden and use them in this tasty salsa recipe!


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