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Best Cross Country Skiing in Pennsylvania’s State Parks

Explore the best cross country skiing trails in Pennsylvania’s state parks.

Explore the Susquehanna: Wonderful Paddling Day-Trips

Grab your boat, a friend or family member and your camera and get outside on one of these wonderful paddling day-trips.

Rhoneymeade Arboretum & Sculpture Garden: An Oasis of Beauty, Natural & Man-Made

At Rhoneymeade I first learned the term conservation easement.

Take to the Snow with Skijoring

Imagine a unique winter activity where you and your friends—your furry, four-legged ones—could alleviate cabin fever while exploring Pennsylvania’s rural trails, bike paths and mountains. You don’t have to imagine; it exists—and it’s called skijoring.

Gettysburg: A Culinary Perspective

Gettysburg is a destination for history buffs and ghost seekers, where battlefield and haunted house tours abound. Now there’s an opportunity to savor Gettysburg, one bite at a time.

Just for Fun - A Step Back in Time to Experience America 100 Years Ago

During the late 1800s, magic lanterns thrilled Victorian-era theater audiences around the world. After 130 years of relative obscurity, the entertainment form is making a comeback.


Weis Center for the Perfoming Arts
Geisinger Medical Center