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In The Summer - 2018 Issue

A collection of articles and web extras from the Summer 2018 issue of Susquehanna Life Magazine.

Bill Helman and the Art of Urban Mushing

An owner of huskies, Bill Helman has developed his own brand of urban mushing, incorporating specialized equipment, one-of-a-kind bikes and his own sense of fun.

In Celebration of Wild and Scenic Rivers: Author Tim Palmer Celebrates a National Achievement

The Wild and Scenic Rivers System marks its 50th anniversary this year. A book, and one man’s appreciation of nature, celebrates a national achievement few people even know about.

First, Build a Sense of Community: A Lewisburg Teacher's Mission

This new feature shines a spotlight on teachers in our communities, starting with Lisa Erdley, a first grade teacher at Kelly Elementary School in Lewisburg.

William Woys Weaver: The Vital Role of Heirloom Seeds

The gardens cultivated by William Woys Weaver have been compared to a living museum, reflecting his focus on preservation of heirloom vegetables.

Palmer Museum of Art's Director Sees a Museum’s Inherent Value

After 20 years in a career, some would be ready for a change. But Erin Coe embraces a passion for a museum’s inherent value.

Pennsylvania’s Underground Railroad History

The term Underground Railroad was ushered in around 1831 as a reference to the clandestine, ever-evolving network of safe houses, hiding places and escape routes designed to help slaves escape servitude.

Underground Railroad Heritage Sites, Bicycle Recycle, PRIME & More: Life Around The River Summer 2018

We explore what's happening around the Susquehanna Valley.

Letters to the Editor [Summer 2018]

Readers share their thoughts on previous issues.

The Legend Behind Lady Liberty on the Susquehanna River

Why there's a replica and erect it on an old railroad bridge pier in the middle of the Susquehanna River.


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