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Lewisburg’s Fantasy Escape Room & The Value of Teambuilding Skills

Lewisburg’s Fantasy Escape Room provides teambuilding exercises in a variety of settings, from boardrooms to university classrooms, that aid in focusing and uniting team members.

The Role of Independent Businesses in Hanover’s Rebirth

Mom and pop endeavors are leading a renaissance in downtown Hanover.

New Life for a Nonprofit

As an AmeriCorps member charged with the task of helping to revitalize a nonprofit, Sue Stackhouse reached out to the community to gather invaluable input to revitalize Crystal Lake Ski Center, a recreational community asset teetering on the brink of financial collapse. The steps taken to save the ski center could serve as a model for infusing new life into nonprofits.

Niche Marketing - How to Stand Out from the Crowd

It’s the dream of every owner to find ways to make their business stand out. In the evolving funeral industry, a second-generation business partner found ways to infuse new life into a 90-year-old, family-run business.

Sweet Seat

Last January, Sen. Toomey, who admits to possessing a sweet tooth, was appointed the job of keeping the Senate's Candy Desk stocked with goodies—an opportunity, he says, to promote Pennsylvania’s candy manufacturers.

Lewisburg’s Evolution

In 1999 there were 13 storefront vacancies in downtown Lewisburg. Three major partners – the Lewisburg Borough, Bucknell University and the business district—joined forces to fill them and find solutions to other problems plaguing the downtown. Sixteen years later, they’re still at it.


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