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Letters to the Editor [Winter 2018]

Dear Ms. Shames:

First, I’d like to compliment your work and Susquehanna Life magazine. I have always enjoyed reading it and, oddly enough, looking at the ads. I had lost touch with my creative side and in a small way reading Susquehanna Life allows me to vicariously rekindle that part of me.

When I read the Summer 2018 issue, in which you invited readers to “create your own adventure,” I made a career decision, in part on the strength of your editorial, “From Where I Sit.”

I am a 58-year-old factory worker professionally educated in the law, and a graduate of Syracuse University. I practiced in the public sector for several years and left. After 10 years at ConAgra Brands I have retired and taken a professional position in New Mexico, in the legal field, even though I have never been any further west than Ohio. I am eagerly looking forward to going back to professional life and seeing a part of the United States that is vastly different from what I have known for so long.

You asked that readers write and tell you their experiences of “going for it,” so I am doing so now.  My undergraduate degree was in photography from the Rochester Institute of Photography and I plan to document my adventure both in writing and with photographs.


Daniel E. Holmes
Grants, NM

Dear Editor,

Your vibrant magazine brings many hours of joy to this ol’ PA Game Warden’s heart. More hunting and fishing articles, please. Thanks.

Albert P. Lange III
Oregon, PA

Hi Erica,

My husband and I just moved to Sunbury. He’s the new pastor at Catawissa Avenue Methodist Church.

We lived in Camp Hill for the last 20 years. Interested in theater and the arts, I attended events at the Rose Lehman Center, Whitaker Center, Harrisburg Singers, etc. As I was looking up local events, I thought your magazine would be a great way to learn more about the area and the offerings here. I look forward to browsing my first issue.


Sharon Abayasekara
Sunbury, PA

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