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In The Summer - 2018 Issue

Jun 11, 2018 07:21PM
Dear Readers,

Twenty-five years ago I embarked on the adventure of a lifetime when I started Susquehanna Life magazine. I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t know what I was doing. With a passion for writing, but no business experience (and no Internet, yet, to guide me), I scoured the Public Library for Union County and Bucknell’s Bertram Library for help.

I found a book entitled, The Magazine: Everything You Need to Know to Make it in the Magazine Industry, copyright 1978. It was written, karmically, by Len Mogul, a co-founder of National Lampoon magazine. I worked under him as an editorial assistant, my first job out of college. Through this dated but comprehensive magazine-publishing bible, I learned the nuts and bolts—what to charge for an ad, how to get your magazine on newsstands, how to set ad prices and more.

Many of you have followed my journey. Some from your armchairs or computer screens, as subscribers of Susquehanna Life magazine. Others as business associates who advertise in support of the magazine and, through a kinship only fellow business owners can share, have become my friends. And my friends and family, who encourage from the sidelines. I thank all of you for your support, reinforcement and well wishes.

Starting this magazine and keeping it running for 25 years has been an odyssey. I’ve met some interesting people, learned how to wear a lot of hats and explored many aspects of life in Central PA and beyond. It’s been the equivalent of earning a master’s degree in magazine publishing. And there’s still so much to learn and discover! 

Accordingly, the theme of this anniversary year—and we’ll be celebrating this milestone all year—is Create Your Own Adventure. Whatever that means to you, this is the year to embrace that philosophy, personally and professionally. 

I am grateful for all I have achieved, and one way I pay it forward is to encourage others to follow their dreams.  

Are you ready to Create Your Own Adventure? Whether your quest results from an idea you get from Susquehanna Life magazine (bikejoring, anyone?) or one of your own creation, I encourage you to Go For It.

Perhaps it’s a business idea you yearn to pursue? A travel destination that’s outside your comfort zone? A personal weight or activity goal you perceive to be beyond your reach or ability? A romantic interest? This is the year to go for it! And we’ll be here by your side, urging you forward! Write and tell me what direction your adventure takes you!


Erica L. Shames
Founder & Publisher

Articles from our Summer 2018 Issue:

Land-Use The Evolving Utility of Your Backyard   - Jun 11 2018 0207PM

Land-Use: The Evolving Utility of Your Backyard

With an abundance of natural beauty throughout Pennsylvania, and the popularity of camping, it makes sense for land owners to explore an alternate way to profit from their property. Read More » 

By the Book Summer 2018 - Jun 11 2018 0218PM

By the Book [Summer 2018]

Browse these book recommendations in a variety of genres. Read More » 

First Nations Development Institutes Garden Fresh Tomato Salsa - Jun 11 2018 0225PM

First Nations Development Institute's Garden Fresh Tomato Salsa

First Nations Development Institute, a national Native American-led 501(c)(3) organization, has created cookbooks using recipes from Native American tribes and organizations. Read More » 


Week 13

The Curative Act of Painting the Susquehanna

An art project to document the Susquehanna River promotes healing following a family tragedy. Read More » 


Susquehanna Lifes Summer 2018 Dining Guide - Jun 11 2018 0301PM

Susquehanna Life's Summer 2018 Dining Guide

Best Country Store Cafes, as Chosen by our Readers. Read More » 


Fairs  Festivals - Summer 2018 in the Susquehanna Valley - Jun 11 2018 0335PM

Fairs & Festivals - Summer 2018 in the Susquehanna Valley

Events happening this Summer 2018 throughout the Susquehanna Valley. Read More » 


Summer Illumination 2018 - Jun 11 2018 0344PM

Summer Illumination 2018

Franklin D. Roosevelt illuminates the importance of kindness. Read More » 

The Legend Behind Lady Liberty on the Susquehanna River - Jun 11 2018 0350PM

The Legend Behind Lady Liberty on the Susquehanna River

Why there's a replica and erect it on an old railroad bridge pier in the middle of the Susquehanna River. Read More » 



The Old Lancaster County Jail where a marker will be placed to commemorate the actions of Sheriff Dave Miller

Pennsylvania’s Underground Railroad History

The term Underground Railroad was ushered in around 1831 as a reference to the clandestine, ever-evolving network of safe houses, hiding places and escape routes designed to help slaves e... Read More » 


Erin Coe

Palmer Museum of Art's Director Sees a Museum’s Inherent Value

After 20 years in a career, some would be ready for a change. But Erin Coe embraces a passion for a museum’s inherent value. Read More » 


William Woys Weaver The Vital Role of Heirloom Seeds - Jun 11 2018 0610PM

William Woys Weaver: The Vital Role of Heirloom Seeds

The gardens cultivated by William Woys Weaver have been compared to a living museum, reflecting his focus on preservation of heirloom vegetables. Read More » 


Miss Erdleys class complete with moustachiod members

First, Build a Sense of Community: A Lewisburg Teacher's Mission

This new feature shines a spotlight on teachers in our communities, starting with Lisa Erdley, a first grade teacher at Kelly Elementary School in Lewisburg. Read More » 

PA Allegheny River

In Celebration of Wild and Scenic Rivers: Author Tim Palmer Celebrates a National Achievement

The Wild and Scenic Rivers System marks its 50th anniversary this year. A book, and one man’s appreciation of nature, celebrates a national achievement few people even know about. Read More » 


Bill Helman and the Art of Urban Mushing - Jun 11 2018 0645PM

Bill Helman and the Art of Urban Mushing

An owner of huskies, Bill Helman has developed his own brand of urban mushing, incorporating specialized equipment, one-of-a-kind bikes and his own sense of fun. Read More » 


Letters to the Editor [Summer 2018]

Readers share their thoughts on previous issues.


Web Extras

Courtesy of firstnationsorg

First Nations Development Institute & Their Nutrition for Native American Communities Project

A total of three cookbooks were developed by First Nations Development Institute under a project aimed at healthier cooking and improving nutrition. Read More » 

Courtesy of the Palmer Museum of Art Facebook page

What’s on Display at The Palmer Museum of Art

Eleven galleries, a print-study room, a 150-seat auditorium and an outdoor sculpture garden round out the facility. Read More » 

Tim Palmers Williamsport Connection - Jun 11 2018 0714PM

Tim Palmer’s Williamsport Connection

Tim Palmer was a student at Penn State under Prof. Peter Fletcher, who owned a cabin on Pine Creek, of which Palmer conducted his studies. Read More » 


About Author William Woys Weaver & His Passion for Food

Learn all about author William Woys Weaver's storied past in this informative Web Extra. Read More » 


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