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Spring Illumination 2018

Mar 19, 2018 09:49PM

Justice and Dignity, the Endless Shortage

You will never regret offering dignity to others.
We rarely get into trouble because we overdo our sense of justice and fairness.
Not just us, but where we work, the others we influence.
Organizations and governments are nothing but people, and every day we get a chance
to become better versions of ourselves.
And yet…in the moments when we think no one is looking, when the stakes are high,
we often forget. It’s worth remembering that justice and dignity aren’t only offered on behalf of others.
Offering people the chance to be treated the way we’d like to be treated benefits us too. It goes around.
The false scarcity is this: we believe that shutting out others, keeping them out of our orbit, our
country, our competitive space—that this somehow makes things easier for us.
And this used to be true. When there are 10 jobs for dockworkers, having 30 dockworkers in the hall doesn’t make it better for anyone but the bosses.
But today, value isn’t created by filling a slot. It’s created by connection. By the combinations created by people. By the magic that comes from diversity of opinion, background and motivation.
Connection leads to ideas, to solutions, to breakthroughs.
The false scarcity stated as, “I don’t have enough, you can’t have any,” is more truthfully, “Together, we can create something better.”
We know it’s the right thing to do. It’s also the smart thing. – Seth Godin

Marketing guru Seth Godin’s insights have practical implications in our lives outside the workplace. 

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