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Letters to the Editor [Spring 2018]

Hi, Erica.

I picked up a copy of your magazine in a Weis Market near Linglestown, PA, while visiting family.  We have a cabin near Bloomsburg and family from Harrisburg/Middletown to Berwick.  Because we spend about a week in PA each month from April until October, your magazine seemed to be a good way to find out what is happening in the area that we visit.
You can tell your advertisers that folks like us are always looking for places to visit and to eat.  Because we are retired, we can plan our visits around interesting events, too.

Kathy Bucher,
Chesapeake, VA

Dear Erica,

I became aware of your magazine as it was in a waiting room of a doctor’s office. I was delighted to read it. I was born and raised on a family farm just outside of Beavertown, in Snyder County.   As the Shade Mountain was a natural barrier to the south, we gravitated to the north.  During the 1940s, my mother’s cousin, the Rev. Frank Sanders, was superintendent of the Evangelical Home and Hospital, now River Woods.  We visited there from time to time. 
Also, I was a camper at the church camp, Central Oak Heights during the late ‘40s.  One of our teachers at Beaver Vocational H.S. at Beaver Springs was Daniel Baylor, who developed the destination, Country Cupboard. Prior to that, he had a smaller venue across the river north of Lewisburg called Farmer’s Best.

I am looking forward to receiving the next issue of your magazine.

Sincerely yours,

C. Donald Herbster,
Harrisburg, PA

Dear Erica,

I grew up in Lewisburg; my husband and I met while attending Bucknell [University]. Even though we no longer live in the area, it's nice to have a glimpse of home and a finger on the pulse of what's happening now.  We do get back fairly regularly, but it's nice to get a different perspective on the place that we love. Keep up the good work.

Nancy Gearhart
Webster, NY

Dear Erica,

What do you give to a 101-year-old mother for Christmas?  Thanks to your great magazine and your efforts to get the [Summer 2009] back issue for me, I was able to give her the gift of memories.  The article [about Central Oak Heights] spurred lots of them, and since I am part of the four generations who have enjoyed COH, we could share many of those memories. I have visited Martha’s Vineyard as well as Chautauqua and I feel Central Oak Heights ranks right up there among the best retreats. Thank you so much for helping me share some very special memories with my mother.  Merry Christmas to you and your creative staff. I hope to meet you some day and have been happy to make this connection. 

Saundra McBride Blackburn
Montoursville, PA

Hi Erica,

My family and I have called the Susquehanna Valley home all our lives. My dad and mom were born and raised in Selinsgrove and Northumberland, respectively, and my sister and I were born and raised in Linglestown, outside of Harrisburg. I found it amazing that even though I live here, you find places and opportunities that I was not aware of. You produce an amazing magazine that continues to be a learning tool. As I renew my subscription for the 21st year, I look forward to your great articles. Thank you.


Steven Roush
Etters, PA

Hi, Erica,

After the death of my husband in 2008, looking for things to do and see in the Susquehanna Valley was the last thing on my mind.  Then in 2009 when Paula Hosking lost her husband, I became much more involved at her horse farm, Hidden Hollow, in Benton.  Since then I've been doing the bookkeeping for Paula and training and riding my own horse there.  In 2014, I built a new home in Benton's Bailey Park, a 55+ community and moved from my significantly larger home in Millville two years ago.  When Paula placed her ad in Susquehanna Life I was reminded of how much I enjoyed the magazine years ago and decided to subscribe again. 

Sue Koch
Benton, PA

Hi Erica,

I read the feature story “A Wonderful Life” by Mary Beth Kennedy Voda in the Winter 2017/2018 edition of Susquehanna Life. What an inspiration! To think that the 4000-word story by Philip Van Doren Stern, “The Greatest Gift,” would lead to the creation of one of our most cherished Christmas movies of all times is hard to believe. But it happened! The author, born in the Susquehanna region, published his work in 1943 and the film, It’s a Wonderful Life, came out in 1946. Voda’s story  is a wonderful gift to your readers illustrating the power of the written word—even in small doses—and the value of perseverance.

Jim Logue,
Camp Hill, PA

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