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In The Spring - 2018 Issue

Mar 19, 2018 10:19PM ● By Melanie Heisinger
Every afternoon when I switch off the lights, turn the Open sign to Closed, and bolt the door to Susquehanna Life magazine’s Market Street office in Lewisburg, I am reminded of the final time Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) locked the front door of her charming The Shop Around the Corner bookstore after losing the battle for clientele to a big-box chain in the popular movie You’ve Got Mail.   

I never forget that could be me. We face an ever-increasing number of competitors whose staffs and resources outpace ours, all vying for an ever-shrinking pool of advertising dollars. We are grateful for the advertisers and subscribers who support us. 

Happily, the fate of this entrepreneurial venture has taken a bright path, attracting the readership and advertisers needed to be profitable. This year marks our 25th anniversary—a momentous occasion for any business, but particularly one in an industry in which publishing pundits predict a demise.

The good news: City and Regional magazines, studies show, occupy a privileged rung in the magazine industry hierarchy. Our content speaks to the emotional connection readers and business owners have to their hometowns, and defies the doom and gloom predictions of general-interest publications that lack a passionate interface with their audience.

I like to think Susquehanna Life magazine has succeeded because of the passion I have for what I do. I’ve put my heart and soul into this publication, running it by listening to my heart, and treating readers, advertisers and the people I work with as I would like to be treated.

That’s the touchy-feely side. The magazine fills a niche, also, because of its tangible assets—regional reach, high readership, quality attributes and unique, upbeat perspective about life in the middle slice of Pennsylvania. Literate lifestyle topics are presented by professional writers, in an expert layout punctuated with gorgeous color photography.  

The first issue of Susquehanna Life, the region’s original lifestyle magazine, debuted in Winter 1993, when many could legitimately ask, is there life in the Susquehanna Valley? It introduced forward-thinking and optimistic views on the region’s culture and history,  outdoor recreation and dining, agriculture and business community.

We recognized early that the Susquehanna River and the life that takes place around it are worthy of scrutiny. And from that scrutiny emerges some amazingly potent stories. One of the most frequent compliments we hear? “I’ve lived here all my life and never knew ____ until I read it in Susquehanna Life magazine.”

Enjoy this issue and join us as we celebrate our 25th anniversary all year long.


Erica Shames
Founder & Publisher

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Mission Statement: Founded in 1993, Susquehanna Life magazine is the original lifestyle publication for Central PA, highlighting the region’s most captivating stories and undiscovered gems in a national-caliber publication. And the Susquehanna Life brand is an effective, cost-efficient multi-media platform on which businesses and organizations like yours, that produce a high-quality product or service, can partner with a brand with these same principles and attributes to meet and exceed sales goals.  

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