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Winter Illumination: Strength Through Peace

Nov 17, 2017 01:11PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

Strength through Peace

Anticipating doom is brutal. And anticipating brutality is even worse.
It creates an enormous amount of emotional overhead. It makes it difficult to invest, hard to make long-term plans. And it fills us with dread, short-circuiting our creativity.
Peace has a dividend. Economic peace, political peace, interpersonal peace. It gives us room to dream, to get restless and to make things even better.
We don’t need other people to lose in order for us to win. And keeping score is overrated.
Most of all, it’s worth investing in peace of mind. The dividends are huge, and the journey (the way each of us spends our days) matters.
That’s one of the primary benefits of enlightened leadership. It creates a safe space to do important work.

– Seth Godin
Seth Godin’s marketing insights have practical implications in our lives outside the workplace.   

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