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Susquehanna Life

Letters to the Editor [Winter 2017]

Nov 17, 2017 12:01PM ● By Melanie Heisinger
Dear Erica,

[We found out about Susquehanna Life magazine through] our son, who is associated with Evangelical Hospital in Lewisburg. He and his family live in the Newport area and we visit as often as we can. What a beautiful part of Pennsylvania, and your magazine portrays it well. We look forward to future editions.


Bill Anderson,
Greensboro, NC

Hi Erica,

I've always loved your magazine.  The pictures are amazing and the articles make me appreciate our area and [encourage me to] try new things/new adventures.  My stepmom used to give me your magazine after she was done reading it...months after.  I decided to subscribe so I could stay current with all the local happenings.

Keep up the good work. I look forward to receiving your magazine. It highlights a lot of great small businesses to which I am now a patron and reminds me what a great area we live in.

Amanda McClain,
Selinsgrove, PA

Hello, Erica.

I first saw [Susquehanna Life] magazine at Books a Million and was lured in by the beautiful cover on your Spring 2017 edition.
I live just inside Maryland but spend quite a bit of time in PA. My husband and I are thinking of moving into PA and I’d like to move where there’s interesting, uplifting activity. Susquehanna Life features events in the area as well as ads about businesses, galleries, etc. in the region.
I like your feature stories. I'm looking at the Spring 2017 issue now and see the article about the Susquehanna hikes. Loved it! I am a walker and am always looking for interesting places to explore.

There seems to be a balance of articles and ads in Susquehanna Life. Many city magazines (Baltimore magazine, for example) are 90 percent ads.
I also love the photos and your layout overall. The photos are relevant and pretty and the layout is open and light. While I occasionally read electronic media, I really don't like it. My preference is paper.
Receiving a beautiful magazine in the mail is exciting. Sitting down with a well-put-together periodical and hot cup of coffee is a special event. I worry that print media will soon become extinct. I love magazines in general and Susquehanna Life is a new favorite.
Patty Windisch,
White Hall, MD

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