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In The Winter - 2017 Issue

Nov 17, 2017 01:25PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

Dear Readers,

Most of our small towns used to have a quintessential Main Street where, as kids, we could walk up and down to get the pulse of our town, share local news and interact with people from our communities.

While some towns have managed to maintain their vibrancy, over time technology has evolved, and communities have become more impersonal. The big box stores made Main Street seemingly less integral to our lives. Main Street, often, no longer stands out as the heart and soul of a town.

Susquehanna Life magazine fills a few of the gaps Main Streets of old once filled—a sense of community and hopefully fellowship, two of our greatest gifts and challenges in this life, fill our pages. Finding a way to harness and harvest these attributes are among the goals of Susquehanna Life magazine and

Susquehanna Life magazine was founded on small town values and lofty objectives: unite a 25-county slice of Pennsylvania (that did not think of itself as connected) to promote businesses, recreation and events; revolutionize strategies for businesses by creating affordable regional marketing opportunities that extend sales prospects beyond your backyard to an entire 25-county region; and reconnect business with community to enrich relationships and make each town in which the magazine circulates a better place to live.

The good news? Local stories still matter. People still care about “local.” It’s for these reasons that Susquehanna Life magazine and are focused on creating and sustaining “Main Street for the 21st Century”—as our partner,, so eloquently puts it.  

Our approaches have evolved over the 24 years we’ve been in business. (We celebrate our 25th anniversary next year!) But our goals have always remained the same. We’re even more excited than when we started about working with businesses and organizations, nonprofits and downtowns to build community.

If you care about community the way I do I hope you’ll support our efforts—both in the magazine and online—to make this region an even better place to live, and you’ll work to make relationships with others in our communities, no matter our differences, more humane.  And, finally, that you’ll continue to support the businesses that advertise on our pages, and at

When it comes to community, we all have a role to play!


Erica L. Shames

Founder & Publisher

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