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Susquehanna Life Magazine Begins 24th Year!

Feb 23, 2017 11:04AM ● By Erica Shames
The first issue of Susquehanna Life magazine was published January 1993; 2017 marks our 24th year. Whether you are a potential subscriber or advertiser, now is your opportunity to join us on the adventure!

It started with a magazine
Susquehanna Life is the original lifestyle magazine serving Central Pennsylvania. Often imitated, never duplicated, the Susquehanna Life brand reaches across 25 counties 
and encompasses more than a magazine!

Susquehanna Life offers businesses and organizations a complete, high-quality multi-media marketing platform consisting of print, digital, Web, social media, enewsletter and more!
Online marketing options include traditional banner advertising, sponsored month-long content, guides and contests.

By advertising with the Susquehanna Life brand, you reach a regional marketplace--not just customers in your own backyard. More importantly, you strengthen your brand-reputation as a quality, community-focused business or organization that truly cares about its customers and the communities in which they live, work and play. 

The Susquehanna Life brand embodies the spirit, integrity and pride that exist in Central Pennsylvania. Those same attributes apply to the content we disseminate in print and online and the businesses and organizations that support us with their advertising.

Articles on communities, outdoor recreation, home decor, dining out, museums and galleries, history, outstanding people, the environment, food and health educate readers about the unique character of the region and why it serves to be appreciated, explored and preserved. 

Our content is positive, uplifting, insightful, educational, interesting and written by people who share our passion for the region. 

Want to subscribe? Visit us at to order your subscription today.

Want to advertise? Businesses and organizations seeking an effective way to build your brand, establish your reputation and build your sales come to us for assistance. Our Susquehanna Life brand, 24 years in the making, can help develop and support yours.

Contact our publisher, Erica Shames, at (800) 232-1670 to request a meeting to discuss your marketing goals and how the Susquehanna Life brand can help achieve them. 

Live the Region...Let Us Show You How!

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