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The Science Behind the Jewelry

Sep 02, 2016 11:39AM ● By Erica Shames
 By Dennis Hummer

Rebecca Mohr is an Artisan Jeweler specializing in precious metals and natural stones. She’s been designing jewelry since 2007 and in 2015 decided to capitalize on her creativity and transform it into a sustainable income. Rebecca is also a PhD Chemical Engineer with over 22 years of research experience with a Fortune 500 company, but today she prefers the titles Entrepreneur and Business Owner.

The studio of Mohr Designs is located in a historic brick home on the bank of the Susquehanna River, which inspires her art. Each piece she creates is hand fashioned, and her collections include earrings, pendants, necklace sets, bracelets and rings. Rebecca is both passionate and practical about her creations: “I could simply focus on the fun of design and fabrication of jewelry; but I know that without the business development effort, there would be little chance of a viable income”. With that in mind, Rebecca turned to the Bucknell University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for assistance. The SBDC helped her focus on developing a clear path to success for her new business and hosted the ribbon cutting for the new business in August 2015.

Rebecca’s transition from a scientist in corporate America to entrepreneurship has been a unique journey. Her commitment to achieving her dream of business ownership is expressed in every piece of jewelry she creates. In Mohr Designs, she captures the moment where art and science come together to create something amazing.

The Beginning of Something Meaningful

By Rebecca Mohr

 The launching of this business has been quite a learning experience. I have enjoyed the professional challenge, but I would be lying if I told you I have not felt discouraged a time or two. However, these emotions fuel my tenacity....and who knows, they may inspire a jewelry collection one day!


Artistic Style

                                       Coalescence Bubble Rings

While I was planning how to operate this business, I realized that there are many internet options available. An attractive route was to use an established presence such as Etsy, and sell my products through their website. While I plan to offer the Coalescence Bubble Rings and other collections on such a forum in the future, I wanted to create something more sustainable…something more personalized and intimate for the overall business.

 American Landscapes Collection


I took a step back and decided I had the time to create a high quality product that had potential to inspire. I wanted to present my jewelry in a way that it shares its inspiration and meaning with you. I am inspired by nature and the Susquehanna River, which I view from my studio window.  I create stories for each piece of jewelry to enable you to carry what you have drawn from that story with you wherever you go.

Shopping Experience

The next step was to create a store. My goal is to have a broader presence than what can be provided by a brick and mortar store in Lewisburg, PA. I quickly realized that building a robust and attractive online store was both technically and artistically challenging.  I had a vision of features I wanted but knew I did not have all of the needed skill sets.  As I looked to hire help, I learned that if I wanted to hold onto my personal vision, I could not simply hire someone to do it all for me.  Instead I called upon several talented people to help me build this website; and you can learn more about them on the Meet The Team page.

These icons that support the "Shop by Jewelry Type" experience were a collaborative effort between a talented artist (Stacy Martin), graphic designer (Rebecca Roddenberry), and me.  I am very happy with "Her," as she has become named, and feel she adds a depth to the shopping experience.  Check Her out by clicking on her icons.







Mohr Designs online shop can provide intimacy, customization, and novelty for the shoppers. The opportunity for customers to browse my jewelry when it is convenient for them is important. Features like a blog, My View and tools like Facebook allow me to connect with you all in a personal way.  I am excited to have a forum where I can provide insight into how each necklace, ring, or earring is crafted so that you know you have something as unique as you are.  This post is just the start for me. Please continue to follow me for updates, tips, and future designs. For those of you who enjoy following my work and their inspirations, I look forward to building something meaningful with every client.


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