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Letters to the Editor [Fall 2016]

Sep 01, 2016 06:42PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

Dear Erica,

I want you to know I’m not a reader. My partner had an appointment to see [Mifflinburg dentist] Dr. Vidunas and I picked up your magazine in the waiting room. I read it cover to cover! And when your Valley Lifestyle Updates come on the radio [WVLY], I turn up the radio and then turn it right back down! Keep up the good work!

Ronald L. Ray Jr

Northumberland, PA


Dear Editor,

I saw my first copy of Susquehanna Life magazine in a dentist office in Mechanicsburg.  I found it quite satisfying to peruse through. Although we do not live in the areas presented in the spring issue, it gave me some ideas for a few outings up there. So I tore out the card, came home, went on the Internet and subscribed; I look forward to receiving the issue I saw and to seeing what [information] other issues contain. Thank-you for a quality magazine that highlights interesting places to poke around in Pennsylvania. 

Carolyn Stawitz

Camp Hill, PA


Dear Editor,

We first learned of [Susquehanna Life] magazine when Chris Wallace, the Realtor we bought the house from (we moved here from Long Island), signed us up with a gift subscription a few years back. I recently reconnected with the magazine the other day in the doctor’s office. I had forgotten what a great magazine it is.  So I decided to subscribe!


Jo Ann Patanjo

Allenwood, PA


Dear Editor,

I have read your magazine in various waiting rooms and loved it!  I finally was able to remember to subscribe to it and not have to wait for an appointment [to read it].  I love each and every article!  Thank you for providing such an informative and beautiful magazine about our region!

Beth Wilson

Williamsport, PA


Hi Erica,

I read your magazine every few months while waiting at Dr. Dechowitz’s office on Pine Street in Harrisburg. I really enjoy that it’s informative about the area, including interesting events, and has well-written articles. I finally subscribed! 

Sally Russo

Mechanicsburg, PA


Dear Erica,

As usual, I love the latest edition of Susquehanna Life [magazine]! About a month ago, a friend and I visited Woodward Cave. After Woodward, we went to visit the Rowley House in Williamsport. What a house!  The docent informed us that the Saturday before Thanksgiving there is an open house for the millionaire homes in Williamsport. We plan on visiting then. Went to visit Danville the other week and ate at one of your advertisers, E Tu Bistro. Excellent! It's a beautiful little place. Enjoyed shopping and finally visiting Danville. On the way home, we visited Keithan’s Bluebird Gardens in Sunbury for an hour without seeing a bluebird. We plan on going back soon. Keep up the great publishing!

Be Safe,

Martin Christopher P CIV NAVSUP WSS, 410

New Kingston, PA


Dear Erica,

Just letting you know that I get many great responses to your magazine as I send them out to candidates I am courting. They love the quality and articles and local flair.  

Dennis Burns, MAS

Manager, Physician Recruitment and Retention
Evangelical Community Hospital, Lewisburg, PA


Dear Editor,

My mother is from Selinsgrove—a member of the founding family—and she has spoken of her beautiful little hometown for decades. It is charming—my husband and I passed through a few years back. Your publication seemed to be the perfect gift for her. I found an old copy in one of her boxes that someone must have sent her. Her birthday is July 9th and she will be excited to discover it in her mailbox. It is a beautiful magazine—her home region is well-represented.

Warm Regards,

Lisa Taiz, Tucson, AZ


Dear Erica,

I have several clients new to the area and your magazine is such a nice guide and resource for places to go and things to do I’m going to send them a copy. And, it’s a good way for me to follow up and keep in touch once they are settled. I also take Geisinger and Evangelical Community Hospital recruits on community tours; it’s nice to include your magazine in the welcome packet of info I provide.

Christine Mallula,

Berkshire Hathaway Hodrick Realty, Lewisburg, PA

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