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Letters to the Editor [Summer 2016]

Jun 06, 2016 03:41PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

Dear Erica,

     Lebanon Valley Bicycle Coalition ( promotes bicycling tourism in the Lebanon Valley and especially in Lebanon County.  Our Web site has 10 scenic bike rides available, with descriptions and maps for each ride.  In addition, we’ve published a county bike rides map that shows all 10 rides.  There’s also a challenging 100-mile perimeter ride.  If you have not bicycled in Lebanon County, Summer/Fall cycling awaits.

     In addition, we partner with others to have fundraiser bike rides.  This year it is Tour de Lebanon Valley (, which took place in May. Many of us do a lot of bicycling throughout the Susquehanna Valley.

     Your Winter issue’s “From Where I Sit” column is excellent.  LVBC is bringing together many health care providers and others in Lebanon County to strategize on how to improve the health and wellness of residents.  The obesity crisis is here.  If your editorial is bringing results from your readers, you may want to send us some suggestions.  Meanwhile, your “From Where I Sit” is serving a purpose in Lebanon County.


Pat Krebs, executive director, LVBC

Campbelltown, PA


Dear Editor,

My husband and I saw the [Susquehanna Life] magazine in a doctor’s office.  We were interested because the magazine explores places in PA that we thought would be of interest to us and would like to check out.  Loved the article about things in Juniata County. I grew up there, so it was fun to see what was highlighted in the area.


Beth Scott, 

Dillsburg, PA


Dear Editor,

In regards to the article on the “last raft,” featured in the Spring 2016 issue of your magazine: My mother took me from our Williamsport home to the Maynard Street Bridge to see the raft as it passed underneath. As a boy, my husband ran from his Muncy home to the river, where he watched the bodies being retrieved from the pier crash site of the raft. Perhaps others also had one of these experiences at the time of that historic event. We viewed the original footage, many years later, at a showing held at the museum in Williamsport.

Connie and Cork Egli,

Riverside, PA


Dear Editor,

I was raised in Lewisburg and return for reunions with some of my friends. They are readers and probably subscribe to your magazine. They bought me a subscription for my birthday a couple of years ago. I’ve really enjoyed the articles and keeping up with the area. I have a friend who grew up in Pittsburgh who reads the magazine when I get it. The other day he asked if I still got it –that’s when I knew it was time to renew!

Sin cerely,

Wendy Bice,  

Gainesville, FL

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