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Susquehanna Life 2015-16 Museum and Gallery Guide Co-sponsored by Weis Markets

Jun 23, 2015 02:22PM ● By Kevin

Welcome to the 2016/2016 Susquehanna Life Museum and Gallery Guide, co-sponsored by Weis Markets.

We’re fortunate to live amid a variety of high-quality cultural experiences accessible in the museums and art galleries throughout Pennsylvania. Each year, we compile their attributes in the region’s most comprehensive guide of its kind. We thank Weis Markets, and the participating museums, galleries and visitors bureaus, for supporting this guide with their advertising.   

Each year, new galleries open with increasing breadth of scope and professionalism. And museums reinvent themselves to be more relevant, expansive and savvy to meet the needs of their increasingly sophisticated audience. While we relish the experience of visiting museums and galleries, we can’t underestimate the overall potential impact culture can have on our lives.

While museums and galleries are educational, they also positively impact our health and wellbeing, and encourage economic vibrancy. The intrinsic value of a museum or gallery lies in the complex process of how we enjoy, learn from and contribute to the museum. This is the essence of the cultural experience, which is hard to measure or describe, but everyone knows what it feels like. This is what makes museums and galleries powerful and stimulating.

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The Susquehanna Life Museum and Gallery Guide celebrates these underappreciated and underutilized treasures we are lucky to access. The art and artifacts contained in our museum and galleries are many and varied, drawn from Pennsylvania’s own history and culture as well as those of other lands. They are an endless source of fascination, education and inspiration to residents, and a draw for visitors.

Our museums and galleries need to be in a strong position to survive the economic challenges ahead. Key decision makers recognize the importance of our museums and galleries and the contribution they make to both the Pennsylvania economy and to our society.

Please carry this guide with you, in your car, purse or briefcase, so that you may use it all year long to access the exciting cultural experiences it contains. And please mention, when you visit, that you saw their ad in this guide.   

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Erica Shames
Founder and Publisher
Susquehanna Life Magazine
Susquehanna Life Magazine’s Museum and Gallery Guide

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