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'Universal Visions' Curator Enjoys ABC Interview

Jun 18, 2015 10:47AM ● By Kevin
"This is why we paint these paintings, this is why we as artists do these shows is what I thought to myself as I entered ABC 27 studio. As an artist and a curator, publicity, making a name for yourself and marketing your brand is king," Kenneth Ian Husband, curator of "Universal Visions" at Second Saturday Art Gallery at York reflected after an interview with ABC last week.

"Seventy percent is networking and 30 percent is creating art. This is said to be the successful ratio in splitting up your time as an artist. I am currently working on that seventy percent, It's live TV and that's a first for me. I've been on camera before however I've always had the option of saying, 'Mulligan.'

"I'm given the overview on how the show will run. Eddie Rehm, Kiana Honarmand and myself are up first. After getting our paintings ready for the segment  we were taken to the green room and took the time to go over questions and answers.  Before we knew it, within 25 minutes we were done. I was happy with how Amy Kehm interviewed us and feel the artists and myself presented not just our exhibition, but the York art scene in a new light."

As an artist, Husband always asked himself why he felt the need to show his art publicly. One answer to that, he said, is validation of his effort.

"As we left the ABC 27 studio I felt validated," he said. "Anytime I do something new like going on live TV, get a printed or online press write-up, that's validation of the effort not just from me, but from the artists themselves."

The exhibit opened June 13 and runs through July 10. The gallery is open to the public Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

About the Exhibit

Universal Visions is a show that will highlight York's fast growing Art Scene and essentially give way to a pre-cursor of what's to be. With two large scale installations, live painting, a seven foot fire breathing sculpture and unconventional display of all artistic mediums, as well as live music throughout the night. Our Nationally and internationally Acclaimed Artists from Pennsylvania, New York City, Iran & throughout the United States will partake in a must stop destination for Art lovers & professional enthusiast's alike.

“Universal Visions,” will highlight the work of New York Artist Eddie Rehm, Kiana Honarmand, Paul Kicklighter, BYÜRI, and Tossed and Found Art. As well as 15 other artists and 3 bands from around the United States.   

Eddie Rhem Tie Guy 36" X 36" Mixed medium, Industrial Plastic on bed Sheet

Eddie Rehm brings a raw aesthetic to his work, combining smashed readymades alongside polished industrial products.  Rehm’s works are insistently compelled by a dualistic interaction of an inner truth that belies one to question their own truths.  His art is often driven by a mixed consciousness of internal and external views on varying topics ranging from lost love and family strife to political and social inequalities. Rehm's paintings seem to scream, you can sense his conflictions embedded in the abstraction, while his paintings radiate an intense masculine virility, anger, or as he calls it "belligerence",  Eddie Rehm is no belligerent fool and has garnered numerous write-ups, interviews, reviews & mentions on TV, print & online publications which have all taken note of Ed's talent and verve. Mr. Rehm will be doing a site specific large scale installation as well as displaying many new works in an “Inside out” the gallery setting. 

Kiana Honarmand is a visual artist that was born in Iran and moved to the United States two years ago to pursue her Masters of Fine Arts degree from Penn State University. Her work addresses issues related to her cultural identity focusing on the treatment of woman in Iran's society, the male gaze, censorship, separation, and surveillance. Her work also also deals with America’s perception of Iran as well as America’s view of woman in general. Having solo shows in Iran as well as America, Kiana brings a perspective that is not easily found in todays art world; Kiana brings a voice that is truly unique and deserves to be herd. Her visceral depictions of old world religious paintings brings one to not just view the piece but discuss its meaning and significance compared to todays culture. Universal Visions will not just highlight Kiana but will also give her a chance to give her full vision to the public with a "separation installation". Keeping pace with her visual philosophy Kiana will have her paintings viewed completely separate from the rest of the show;  In order to view her work you will have to walk through a vale into a separate space away from other artists and people. You will have to separate yourself from the rest of the show and feel what it truly means to be behind the vale 

Paul Kicklighter Eve 30" X 40" oil on canvas

Paul Kicklighter is an Expressionistic painter who distorts reality to create an emotion. He is currently exploring the relationships between facial expressions and subtle emotions. He has earned a Degree in Fine Arts at Hillsborough College, in Tampa, Florida. Kicklighter's style has taken over 40 years to develop with brushstrokes of his own unique rendering. Using a soft color pallet without borderlines, Mr. Kicklighter's work has a sense of reality between his figures and backdrop all the while maintaining a soft edgy abstraction. Several of Paul Kicklighter's newest paintings will be on display.

Toss And Found Art Back Tail 48" X 48" X 20" Various metals

Jeff AKA (Tossed and Found Art) is a self taught artist that started exploring the arts in his own unique way at an early age. In school he was kicked out of traditional art classes for creating what spoke to him, not the actual assignment. Instead of discouraging him, it has spurred his creativity and let him explore art independently without restraint and guidance. The result is a unique perspective of the arts without boundaries. Jeff enjoys trying different mediums and incorporating different themed-political, ecological and social ideas in his creations. His favorite materials to work with are found objects, or simply put JUNK. these are things that we as a society have deemed useless. Jeff's "tossed and found" concept is about bringing these old pieces together to be recreated in a whole new light. For Universal Visions, Tossed and Found Art will be unveiling its latest piece “Back Tail.” Back Tail is a 4 foot tall by 4 foot wide dragon that best exemplifies his "Tossed and Found" idea. “Back Tail” is currently under work and will be completed by the shows opening reception for it’s unveiling. Jeff will also be highlighting his seven foot tall fire breathing rooster that will be sure to be a spectacle. (weather permitting)

BYÜRI Seven 24"X48" Acrylic on Canvas

BYÜRI is a captivating young artist out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The name represents the Carribean-American mixture in his blood. He takes timeless wisdom and hides it in a playground on canvas for the eyes to find. Byuri expresses deep and heavy ideas with a flow only describable as "light for the observer," He paints at a feverish pace and is drawn to the adrenaline he gets from his live painting exhibitions. Byuri can finish an 5 foot by 8 foot canvas in as little as four hours, but don't let his speed fool you, he has an eye for detail and is only satisfied when his painting matches his emotion. Byuri will be live painting a megalithic canvas during “Universal Visions,” opening reception as well as showcasing several of his latest works.

"After viewing the talent, love and celebration of art in York, I wanted to highlight that to the rest of the country" says curator Kenneth Ian Husband. "My aim is not to give the viewer the traditional white walls, mild setting and cryptic language that have been stereotyped with fine art. I will help bring thought provoking, out of the box, exciting displays of visual poetry that is for anybody wanting to explore life and delve into themselves."

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