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The Recovery Parade Needs Your Input

Mar 20, 2015 10:42AM ● By Erica Shames

Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way’s Drug & Alcohol Impact Council is planning a big event, never before held in the state of PA—A Recovery Parade—to celebrate and show support for people in recovery for their addictions. 

A parade like this is much like other parades/rallies for other diseases (TaTa Trot, Relay for Life, heart disease).

The Recovery Parade will be held during National Recovery month, September, of this year.  Participants will be encouraged to wave banners, wear clothing and hold signs that represent their support for someone’s, or their own, recovery.  Anyone who has cared/cares about someone in recovery, who has been in recovery, OR hopes to be in recovery one day is welcome to attend.

Please share this messagel with people who are in or know someone in recovery – or anyone who has been inspired by an addiction-recovery journey. And please help us by finishing the phrase below in a word or two:

                                RECOVERY MEANS…         

          (fill in the blank with a word or two by CLICKING


The GSV United Way’s Drug & Alcohol Impact Council plans to pull together the top responses and use them in our marketing and on t-shirts for parade participants to purchase. Thank-you. 

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