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Web Extra: New Year, New Region - What Changes Did You Request in Your Town?

Mar 06, 2015 12:31PM ● By Kevin
We asked what new things you'd like to see in your area this year as we rang in 2015. Here's what you said.

1.     Recreation Center anywhere near Watsontown with an indoor pool and gym

2.     Five Guys Burger and fries up by Walmart

3.     Wegman’s in Lewisburg/Selinsgrove area

4.     IHOP

5.     Target in Lewisburg and more activities or mom groups for people with small children.

6.     A Chick-Fil-A in either Williamsport or Lewisburg

7.     Trader Joe’s in Williamsport

8.     Whole Foods Store

9.     A festival of lights

10.  White Castle in Selinsgrove

11.  A story on local organic growers and where you can get their goods

12.  A thriving Main Street and a healthy range of businesses catering to residents, university students, and visitors and a good dose of art thrown in (Bloomsburg)

13.  A tour of historic churches in the area with them all giving out goodies and food

14.  A community food-op with healthy, organic, local food that is locally owned and operated

15.  Public Art

16.  A community wide trick or treat that donates candy to the elderly and shut-ins so that they can enjoy being visited by the children

17.  No chain restaurants!

18.  A CiCi’s pizza in Monroe Market Place

19.  A Danville community yard sale like Watsontown and Elysburg have

20.  A YMCA in Snyder County with a nice pool/waterpark like at the Eastern Lycoming YMCA

21.  Wegman’s and Home Goods Store near Danville

22.  In Bloomsburg: Target, ACMoore (or other craft store) and a Trader Joe’s in either Williamsport, Lewisburg, or Bloomsburg

23.  Planet Fitness in Danville

24.  An Olive Garden or Red Lobster in Selinsgrove

25.  Really great Mexican food restaurant in Lewisburg

26.  Christmas tree shop in old Lewisburg Walmart

27.  Someone to deliver to the Lewisburg area (IHOP and White Castle was listed)

28.  Chipotle in Sunbury

29.  Millville Library

30.  New streetscape in Milton

How many do you agree with? Tell us, or add yours, in the comments below.

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