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Web Extra: Fun Facts About Camels

Mar 06, 2015 12:24PM ● By Erica Shames

For more information

Camel Milk Association:

Christina Adams, author and camel milk for autism advocate (find her on Facebook)

Ronald RA Cardoso’s preliminary study: 20857626

Fun Camel Facts

  • Camel’s humps do not store water, but actually are made of fat.
  • Camels produce less waste due to their lower intake of water.
  • A camel can resist drinking for up to 17 days, but can also drink up to 107 liters (or 28 gallons) of water within 7-8 minutes!
  • Their thick coats reflect sunlight, which helps them avoid overheating in hot desert temperatures and helps them tolerate cold winter months like here in Pennsylvania.
  • Camels only spit when they feel threatened, but are typically docile creatures.
  • Camels are herbivores.
  • Camels are milked twice a day.

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