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Relaxation Breathing Techniques By Kip Flock

Aug 23, 2014 02:43PM ● By Erica Shames
  1. Sit tall in a comfortable position with the spine in alignment feeling a gentle pull upward from the top of the ears. Hands supported on the knees, palms up or down. Proper posture is crucial for maximizing the benefit.
  2. Start the breath with an exhale (this expels toxins that can hide out in the bottom of the lungs and sap energy) pulling the navel back towards the spine.
  3. Inhale with a three-part breath. Filling the abdomen first, the ribs expand second and the collar bone rises with the fullness of the third breath. Avoid pushing the collarbone up by hunching the shoulders. Make sure the shoulders and neck are relaxed and loose.
  4. Pause by holding the breath briefly just before the exhale.
  5. Exhale slowly, allowing the exhale to be a little longer than the inhale. Keep the mind focused on each phase of breath, only. Exhale completely as described in number 2.
  6. Do two to three of these relaxation breaths in a row at one sitting. This takes under one minute.
  7. Do a minute of relaxation breathing three times a day—morning, early afternoon and later afternoon. This is guaranteed business lifesaver. This only takes three minutes of your time while making the rest of your business hours more efficient and enjoyable.


Ultra Quick Energizer and Mind Clearing Breath: Sitting comfortably, with good posture, breathe in while bringing the shoulders up toward the ears, breathe out while bringing the shoulders back and down in an arcing movement, allow the shoulders to float freely and comfortably while you float to your next meeting.

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