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Susquehanna Life

From Where I Sit – Premiere Winter 1993/1994 Issue

Aug 18, 2014 02:48PM ● By Erica Shames

Dear Readers,

Four years ago, I was living in New York City, and hadn’t even heard of the Susquehanna Valley. Today, I’m publishing a magazine about it. That obvious dichotomy illustrates an important fact: the Susquehanna Valley region may seem commonplace to those who have enjoyed its bounty all their lives. But for newcomers, and even for those lifelong residents who take the time to notice, this portion of the state has an arresting allure.

Some urban-dwelling friends, and even local residents, stare in bewilderment as I reveal the awe this region inspires in me. Yet I can hear the envy in the voices of city folks, and attest to the nods in agreement of area residents, as I communicate my appreciation of these tangible and intangible phenomena:

  • An Amish family trotting by in their horse-drawn carriage
  • The region’s natural beauty
  • Friendly people
  • Community pride
  • Quality of life
  • People who work the land for their livelihood
  • A horse-drawn carriage at rest in a shopping center parking lot

To a city dweller, and to anyone who still retains a child-like wonderment of a simpler time, these intangibles make a statement about the life-affirming characteristics that still make this country great. It is the goal of Susquehanna Life magazine to inspire, in a variety of ways, this same wonderment in its readers.

Although the idea for a lifestyle magazine about the region has been germinating in the back of my mind for a couple of years, it was the designation of Lewisburg as the number nine most desirable small town in which to live that made the decision for me. It was time. The rest of the country has already recognized and lauded the advantages of living in and visiting this region. It’s time we did, too.
Thus, this first issue of Susquehanna Life is dedicated to those people, young and old, newcomer and lifelong resident, who behold, as I do, the diamond in the rough we call home—the Susquehanna Valley.

Each quarter, the pages of this magazine will be filled with articles that mirror the pace and flavor of this region – adventure sports, how-to features, health topics, dining guides, profiles of entrepreneurs, community focus, business briefs. The bottom line is to provide information people—newcomers, lifetime residents and visitors, alike—can use in their everyday lives, while focusing a spotlight on all that is unique and wonderful about the Susquehanna Valley.

Thank-you for joining us. Welcome to our adventure.

Erica L. Shames

We’d like to thank these advertisers (in order of appearance in the magazine) for taking a chance on the first issue:

WMLP Radio
The Terry Wild Studio
The Sigmund and Claire Weis Center for the Performing Arts at Bucknell University
J. Kleinbauer
Classic Realty 
Kuhns Brothers 
Campus Theatre
WL Donehower 
The Learning Source 
Susquehanna Valley Visitors Bureau 
Dogwood Hill
Foss Jewelers 
The Lexicon Bookstore 
Roger's Men's Wear 
The Wardrobe 
The Printed Page 
Lewisburg Office Equipment

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