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Animal Care Sanctuary: Providing a Safe & Caring Refuge for Companion Animals Since 1967

Since our inception in 1967, we have grown from a small presence in Toms River, New Jersey to a regional provider through the Northern Tier of PA.

India's Caste System Under Attack: The Dalit Movement

Although India's Constitution of 1947 abolished the practice of untouchability, the Dalits continue to experience discrimination, segregation, and violence.

The Benefits of Having a Green Roof

Web Extra: The benefits of creating your own green roof.

The Life-Affirming Impact of Fly-Fishing

Bruce Fisher tells his story of how being outdoors helped him find his positivity again.

E. Smithfield, PA's Animal Care Sanctuary No-Kill Animal Shelter has been Rescuing & Rehabilitating Animals for Over 50 Years

Located on 129 acres in East Smithfield, PA, ACS is one of the largest no-kill animal shelters in the United States.

Spring Illumination 2018

Justice and Dignity, the Endless Shortage by Seth Godin.

Artist Germaine Suriyage: Recycled Images

The inspiration that motivates artist Germaine Suriyage.

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